2019 Prospectus


The Open Tournament is a Lawn Tennis Association Grade 4 Ranking Tournament and is supported by the LTA. The Closed Tournament is for competitors satisfying the entry form criteria.

Both tournaments will be conducted in strict accordance with the ITF Rules of Tennis, the Rules of the LTA and the LTA Tournament Regulations, the LTA’s Child Protection Policy, Equality and Diversity Policy, and the Fair Play Code, including the Code of Conduct current at the time of the Tournament.

The Organising Committee have the right to refuse entry or withdraw a player from the Closed Tournament for failure to adhere to the LTA Code of Conduct.


Open Tournament – Entries should be submitted to the LTA or Tournament Referee by 20.00 hrs on Saturday 17th August 2019. Closed Tournament - Entry forms to the Tournament Entry Secretary by 18.00 hrs on Wednesday 14th August 2019. Competitors will not be allowed to play until entry fees are paid.

Multiple entries and events

Players who enter numerous events must offer and be prepared, if necessary, to play in successive matches with only a minimum rest.  Rules of Tennis 29(d) (rest periods) will not apply. An event will only be run if there are a sufficient number of entries.  If not, then entrants may be put into a lower age group of the same event. Players entering the Open Men's and Women's Singles must be available on Monday 26th August, without exception

Players entering the Closed Tournament must be available to play on ALL days – Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th August, and Friday 30th August, Saturday 31st August.  Entries will not be accepted without this assurance. Partners Drawn doubles event:  partners will be drawn at random. The Draw will take place at 8pm on Wednesday 14th August at the Ship in Dock Inn, and everyone is welcome.  Players may enter 4 events plus the Partners Drawn doubles.  If entering 5 events they must be prepared to play back to back matches if required.


Closed draws will take place (TBA) and will be posted on the Regatta Tennis web site (www.dartmouthregattatennis.co.uk) on Monday 19th August if available or at latest Wednesday 21st August. Competitors may contact the Entries Secretary mob 07790 996008.

The Open draw will be available as soon as possible after Monday 21st August and will be posted on the Dartmouth Regatta Tennis website as above.  The Referee, Linda Hill, may be contacted for the duration of the Open Tournament 26th to 31st August on 07919 352022, 9am to 7pm only

Programme of Play

Closed Tournament

Preliminary rounds Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th August.   Finals will be played on Sunday 25th August, Friday 30th August or Saturday 31st August. Competitors must be available to play on ALL days.  NB That includes Friday 23rd August!   Consolation events will be fitted in as and when courts and players are available, possibly into the week of 26th August.

Open Tournament

Monday 26th August:  Open Men’s and Women’ Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles 09.15

Tuesday 27th: 45+ Men’s Singles and Doubles 09.15.  Wed 28th pm Family Doubles.

Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th August:  Open events (as Tuesday) plus Open Singles Consolation 09.15.

Saturday 31st August - FINALS of Open events 09.30.

Open and Closed:  Presentation of Trophies at approximately 16.00. Play commences at 09.15 am all days except Saturday 31st August when it commences at 09.30.  All competitors must sign in 15 minutes before.

Order of Play

Lists will be displayed on the Referee’s hut in Coronation Park and the website as stated in (4) DRAW above, for the first day’s play.  After that they will be available on the website after 8 pm the previous day, although details may be available at the Referee’s hut earlier in the afternoon. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE COMPETITOR TO ASCERTAIN THE DAY AND TIME OF MATCHES ON A DAILY BASIS

Age Requirements

  • 60+ Events - Age 60 years minimum for all entrants  
  • 45+ Events - Age 45 years minimum for all entrants
  • Family Doubles – Junior Partner age under 16 years
  • NOTE:   45+, 60+ and 70+ ages at 31st December 2019
  • Junior ages at 31st August 2019

Family Doubles

Qualification for entry – boy or girl (age under 16 years) playing with one of his/her parents or grandparents.

LTA Ratings and rankings

All Open events will use LTA Ratings following by Rankings.

Match Format

All events, Open and Closed, except Junior, 45+ and 60+, best of three sets, with a tie break (7 points 2 clear) at 6-6 in all sets.  Junior, 45+, 60+, 70+ and Closed Consolation events, 2 sets as above.  3rd set is a championship tie break (10 points 2 clear)


Perpetual Trophies for all events must be returned to the Tournament Organiser by 26th August 2019, or contacted to make arrangements. Competitors must have their trophy engraved prior to return at their own expense.  Winners who have not had their trophy engraved will be asked to pay the on-site cost.

Tennis Balls

ITF approved tennis balls will be used


Only recognised tennis shoes or shoes with flat non marking soles are allowed


Recognised tennis clothing must be worn, with any advertising in accordance with Appendix H of the LTA Tournament Regulations.


No complaint in connection with the Tournament can be entertained by the Committee unless lodged in writing with the Secretary of the Committee within 48 hours of the occurrence of the cause with a copy to the County Tournament Co-ordinator and no application for leave to appeal against any decision of the Committee can be entertained by the LTA unless made in writing and lodged with the Regional Development Manager/Head of Officiating within 10 days after the receipt of such decision by complainant.


The Committee reserves the right to modify the programme subject to complying with LTA Rules and Regulations.

Match Times

Competitors must be ready for play at the time stated on the Order of Play List.  They should arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time, report to the Referee and sign-in.  Competitors who do not comply with the above rule may be disqualified.  Competitors should ascertain when they are next required to play before leaving the ground

Non Attendance

The withdrawal deadline will be the date and time of the draw – see (4) above.  Withdrawals from the Open Tournament after the deadline will incur automatic LTA penalty. Non-attenders to the Open Tournament who do not give prior notice of absence will be reported to the LTA.  If a competitor is unable to play for any reason, they must inform: Open Tournament, Referee Linda Hill - email: woollylinda@gmail.com, mob 07919 352022 as early as possible Closed Tournament, Entries Secretary Andrew Davis.


Vacancies caused by late withdrawals or failure to arrive may, at the discretion of the Referee, be filled by reserves in the order in which their applications were received by the Entries Secretary or Referee up to the opening of play in each event.   Players believed to be of seeding standard may not be considered unless the vacancy involves a seed


Umpires will not normally officiate.  Competitors can request an umpire either before or during a match.  Competitors are expected to umpire if asked to do so.  Official umpires may not be available


Matches will be played under floodlights if the Referee considers it necessary


Changing areas are available at Coronation Park in the refreshment marquee.  There are no washing or shower facilities on-site, but these are available within the Royal Avenue Gardens on the North Embankment


Some limited parking facilities may be available at Coronation Park, but application must be made to the Referee to gain access to the Park.  Parking is extremely limited within the town during Regatta week, and a “Park and Ride” paid facility is available at the top of the hill, opposite Sainsbury’s.  Determined drivers may find on-street parking beyond St Clement’s Church, at the top of College Way.  We will try to give lifts to and from parking, particularly back up the hill.  Contact John on 07971 547564 or Irene on 07790 996008.

BRNC Security

Play on the courts of Britannia Royal Navy College will be at the sole discretion of the Referee.  Transport will be provided by the Tournament Committee to and from the courts. Britannia Royal Naval College security requires that no spectators are admitted to the College grounds


Refunds will not be made after the draw has taken place

Doping Tests

All competitors consent to participating in doping control procedures if selected, undertaken by a doping control officer approved by UK Sport

Disciplinary Statement

All competitors acknowledge and agree that they will be subject to the Rules and Regulations of the LTA (including, without limitation, the LTA’s Tournament Regulations, Anti-Doping Programme, Disciplinary and Dispute Resolution Procedures and the Regulations Concerning Match Fixing, Financial Speculation and Betting) and thereby fully and unconditionally submits to the jurisdiction and authority of the LTA

Media Statement

All competitors consent to being involved in any publicity connected with LTA Staged or Supported Tournaments, including media interviews, photographs, TV footage and LTA research projects.  Please inform the tournament organiser if you do not wish to be involved in such publicity

British Tennis Membership

All competitors consent to details provided on their entry form to be used to update their membership record

Data Usage Statement

All competitors consent to the LTA and/or the organisers of LTA tournaments, from their geographical area, using the details provided on the entry form to communicate information about this and future tournaments in their geographical area via post/email or SMA

Restictions of entry

Depending on the overall numbers received, the number of entries may be restricted for any event at the discretion of the Committee.  , the entries going into the draw will be decided on a “first come first served” basis


Late withdrawals and any code violations will be recorded on TTP and submitted to local LTA County Office