Dartmouth Tennis Association

We will publish news and progress on the forming of the Association as it develops.


January 2nd. 2024

Weekly group bookings secured. Just published on the Town Council website. The Minutes of the Council Assets Committee of December 18th read:

TO DISCUSS AND RESOLVE THE USE OF RECURRING BOOKINGS ON COUNCIL OWNED TENNIS COURTS The Properties Officer asked if Cllrs had read his report on this agenda item. Cllrs discussed the options available and after listening to members of the public Cllrs decided to continue with the current booking system. Proposed: Cllr Rowley Seconded: Cllr Moseley Resolved: To leave the block bookings in place and change the block bookings name to Dartmouth Tennis Association. Unanimous vote carried.

These are to be ratified at the full Council meeting on January 8th. without discussion.  

January 14th 2024

Process for Developing the Association

Three groups of people are helping develop the association

  • a development group to do the initial work to create a constitution and sort out any problems

  • a reference group who can advise the development group as they work on particular issues or generally act as a sounding board.  This group includes the Tennis Coordinators so they can help communicate to and from the different groups if needed.

  • We should then take the proposals to all in the association at an invitational annual general meeting for agreement on constitution and election for posts etc.

Below are the groups - but any volunteers gratefully received - email peteravis1@gmail.com

Development Group

To take responsibility for producing a constitution and setting up the association

Alistair Forbes, Peter Avis, Deb Penn, Yvonne Cottam, John Bretherton, Andrew Davis, Phil Braakenburg, Colin Raven, Craig and Frankie Davidson 

Reference Group

To provide advice and support where necessary to the Development Group

Sue Manley, Patrick Hinde, Leo Whittington, Juliet Mason Jones, Vivienne Dunne, Pam Braakenburg, Stephen Yates, Karen Davis, Robert Brooke, Spencer Wigley, Julie Rogers, Jonathan and Sheila Shribman, Chris Tonkin, Anne Woodward.

Since many are on the Regatta Tennis Organising Committee we will use its meetings as a convenient coming together point.


No doubt there will be some twists and turns along the way but an initial timeline could be as follows

Jan/Feb 2024. Develop plan and first stage outline.  Consult with LTA, general advice from Brabners, the LTA Solicitors - What type of constitution would allow us to have support from LTA but still provide freedom for groups.

Feb/Mar 2024. Develop possible constitutions.

Also meet with Town Council at 6-monthly Keeping in Touch meeting

Consider role of Regatta Tennis Committee and Jubilee Club in Association

Mar/Apr 2024. Finalise constitution Recruit possible key post-holders, circulate to whole Association

May 2024 AGM Adoption of Constitution and appointment of key post holders.