Closed Tennis Tournament 2024

This year's Closed Tennis Regatta is open for registration now


Dates are 23-25th August

The Events are...

  • Boys' singles - (under 16)
  • Girls' singles - (under 16)
  • Men's Singles
  • Women's Singles
  • Men's Doubles
  • Women's Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles
  • Partners Drawn
  • The American


  • Bar the boys' & girls' singles all events will be open to all ages. i.e. There will be no age categories.
  • Singles and Doubles are Three Sets with a Ten Point Tie Break if even after two sets
  • Partners Drawn is an event where players enter as single players and a random draw is held to form them into mixed doubles
  • The American is a round robin competition on the Sunday afternoon where you enter as individuals and play doubles for a number of short periods moving around so that you have a different partner in each round, winners playing with losers.
  • All Events, bar the American Tournament, will be compass draws. A Compass Draw is a knockout competition where the winner(s) moves east in the draw in the Cup competition and the loser(s) moves west into the Bowl competition. This will ensure that each entrant will get a minimum of two matches per event over the two days.

Entry Qualifications

The Closed Tournament is for local competitors (where local means the towns and parishes of Dartmouth, Kingswear, Stoke Fleming, Dittisham, Cornworthy, Strete, Blackawton, Halwell, and Morleigh) who satisfy any of the criteria below.

  • Born in the local area
  • A resident in the local area
  • Ten years residency at any time in the past
  • A regular participant in Coronation Park Weekly Groups
  • A member or family of BRNC


The tennis tournament has 10 allocated parking spaces for players - payment is made at the entrance to the car park in Coronation Park £4 for 4 hours and the spaces are available on each day of the event on a 'first come, first served' basis. The normal entrance to the Car Park for full day parking is likely to be £7.50